Monday, October 16, 2017

Moss Forest Orchid (Silver and Orchids Book 1), by Shari L Tapscott

A book with magic and dragons is a little out of my usual reading genre, but the heroine in this is so feisty and fun that I was drawn in. After an investment gone wrong, Lucia is determined to make back the money and pay off her business partner/best friend, Sebastian. Even if it means dealing with monsters, pirates, and exploding plants. Sebastian is swoon-worthy throughout, so I was a little annoyed to find the book ending on a cliff-hanger. I will probably read books 2 and 3 through KU, but I had gone in hoping those were separate stories set in the same world, since the world-building in this is so good.

Moss Forest Orchid (Silver and Orchids Book 1) by [Tapscott, Shari L.]

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