Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tongue Twisters for Kids - Tongue Twister Drama skits for Cubscouts

I was a little underwhelmed by my Google search for tongue twisters so I made some up and I figured I'd save them here. These are for 2 or 3 kids to act out together. If they really enjoy it, you can make them start over each time they mess up until they perform the whole thing perfectly! (As Studio C does in their sketch comedy)

Waiter: The soup is oyster bisque with a mist of lemon twist.

Food critic: I’m looking for a specific pacific fish dish.

Waiter: The special is sushi surprise with salmon salad.

Food critic: Who is your sushi chef?

Waiter: Who, Jeff?

Sushi Chef: I am the sushi chef. My name is Jeff. My sushi is the best.


Soccer Coach: No smelly shoes at practice. I’m shocked at the socks in this locker room.

Player 1: But Coach, the basketball team threw three free throws after sticking with their stinky lucky socks.

Player 2: Please can we tease the other team with our solution of stinky socks steaming from our pungent shoes?

Soccer Coach: Lucky socks start to stink too soon. Besides, winners don’t whine and whiners don’t win.


Boy 1: My sister swapped her costume and now she wishes werewolves were willing to wear wool on Halloween.

Boy 2: The vampire version is seven times less scratchy.

Boy 1: Yes, but she should shun the shining sun.

Boy 2: I suggest a slightly less sweaty costume.

Boy 1: A pirate princess popstar would be practically perfect.

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