Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Top 10 Bookish Pet Peeves

We readers know what we like ... and don't like. Feel free to add to the list or argue with me in the comments.

My Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves, in no particular order

1. Cliffhanger endings

2. Made up character names I can't pronounce. I don't care what country/planet Magergaherm is from. Name him Hal.

3. Not using contractions in dialogue

4. Bad movie adaptations - Yes, Percy Jackson and the Olympians - I'm talking about you!

5. Back/neck pain from staying up late leaning over a book. Also feeling dead the next day.

6. This is more a movie thing, but why does every character love jazz? I'm pretty sure in real life it's just my high school choir teacher.

7. Kids books with dust jackets Why!! They just rip.

8. The interrupting phone call / doorbell as a plot device to keep a character from telling the truth. (And yes, I've probably used it)

9. Starting too many sentences with ING. Running to the door, she... Taking out his phone, he...

10. Sharing a book with someone and trying to keep their bookmark from falling out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Book Review of Seventh Born (The Talented Book 1) by Rachel Rossano

I could tell this was a special book to the author. There was a lot of detailed world building and Christian faith woven into a story that spanned several years. If you're looking for the romance you expect from a Rachel Rossano novel (such as Duty - LOVED that book) than this is probably not the book for you, though it's hinted that it will come in the next one. But as an inspirational fantasy with characters of integrity and grit, this works.

Zezilia is an interesting character, humble yet highly gifted and intelligent. Hadrian is the reluctant hero, holding fast while surrounded by corruption and power-seeking. I can't wait to see what comes next for them.

I received an ARC copy and chose to write a review.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Book Review of My Sister's Intended (Serendipity Book 1) by Rachael Anderson

Rachael Anderson is one of my favorite authors, and while I haven't loved everything she's written, she consistently puts out great books. My Sister's Intended did not disappoint. Prudence, who totally does not match her name, is suspicious of her sister's intended fiancee after she sees him making eyes at another woman and overhearing them planning to meet. She goes to intercept what she thinks is a tryst (while also gathering research for her romance novel). Of course, she's totally wrong about him, and unintentionally captures his attention instead. I loved that this was about a lovable headstrong heroine, but she didn't do reckless thing after reckless thing and somehow weasel out of the consequences as I've seen in many regency novels lately. This has long been a pet-peeve of mine. She loves her sister and the conflict felt real. Definitely a recommend from me.

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