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The Start of Us (A Change in Plans - Book 1)

When Corrie Windsor's roommate dies in a car accident, she leaves behind her four-year-old daughter, Ella. Corrie loves the little girl and hopes to adopt her, but instead, she’ll have to stand by while Ella’s uncle steps in to take custody. If things aren’t awkward enough, there’s a chemistry between them that neither wants to acknowledge.

Preston Ford can’t imagine instant parenthood, especially considering he just chickened out of proposing to his girlfriend. However, once he meets Ella, there’s no other choice. The time he spends with her and Corrie solidifies an alliance between the three of them, a plan to give Ella the stability she needs. But reality can sometimes turn the best of plans upside down.

With more than one heart hanging in the balance, how long can their platonic teamwork really last? Romance has never been this complicated.



Matchmaker for Hire

After her political marriage implodes, Alison Taylor avoids the world, only venturing out to help her best friend participate in a reality matchmaking show. Alison thinks the whole thing is a bad idea, especially when the show's host is the horrible Dale Bernard, a former gossip hound who used to mock her for a living. She vows to watch him like a hawk and keep her friend from getting hurt.

Dale Bernard regrets all insults and jokes he used to fling around, but Alison Taylor deserves his apologies the most. When they meet unexpectedly, he hopes to make amends, especially when he can't deny the pull he feels towards her. Putting her friend on his show might be going too far, but seeing Alison again is too much of a temptation.

Alison can’t believe Dale keeps showing up at her house, pretending he needs her help. She shouldn’t enjoy spending time with him, but she does. And she definitely should keep it a secret, but prying eyes want to know…

Bethany thought she was prepared for aggressive cameras and competitive flirting. But Real Love is a show like no other. They’re putting the real back in reality TV, from the shabby digs, to the household chores. The provided wardrobe is a collection of the worst fashion trends of all time. And the men, while handsome, are all ex-boyfriends of the female contestants. They’ve even mined her background check and brought on Todd, the last person in the world she wants to mingle with while sporting ‘mom’ jeans.

Things aren’t all bad. Her new buddy Tyson has her back, and Bethany can’t take her eyes off the gorgeous and mysterious Carter, a guy who goes out of his way to spend time with her, despite the clingy ex that never leaves his side. She knows right away she’ll have to protect her heart, because on a show like this, the worst thing might be actually falling in love…

Shocked at a public marriage proposal after a quick summer romance, Sara Jensen is more than ready to leave it behind her and run off for a new semester at Eastern Arizona College. No one will have to know what happened. Not even her roommates. The only problem? Her handsome new neighbor is the brother of the guy she just turned down.

Matt Constanello returns from his mission ready for college life and dipping his toe back into the dating pool. It's just his luck that the girl who captures his attention wants nothing to do with him. Especially after she finds out she's not the first girl to come between the Constanello brothers. Matt knows he should leave well enough alone, but he can't help wanting to try.

Sara's sure everything would be okay if they just avoided each other, but Matt’s not playing along. He's working his way into her life as a friend and jogging partner, but it’s clear he wants more. The question is, what does she want? And can she stop running long enough to find out?

A Parody Novella with heart...and brains!

Scarlett Eighty-One is a model citizen and she’s never questioned the perfect world she lives in. Not until the hunky guy in her Geometry class turns his sunken, lifeless, and downright dreamy eyes on her.

Monsters shouldn't exist, but Scarlett can no longer deny all the strange things happening around her. With the unwavering love of her zombie boyfriend and her amazing intellect, she'll find out the truth and fight for her destiny, even if it means battling clingy werewolves, skeevy vampires, and dancing robots in the process.

“Did you put me up here?” Silly asked.
“Yes, child, of course. I’m one of your fairy godmothers, Disaster Management Division. I must say, you are usually much more responsible than this. Not that your cousin Harry doesn’t make up for it in spades. Why just last month he snuck a baby dragon into the castle and lit his bedroom curtains on fire. Long story.” She chuckled to herself, lost in the memory.

Don't give up on reading bedtime stories just yet. Princess Silly's Bedtime Stories are for all ages and anyone who love princesses, light romance, and plenty of silliness. Join Silly as she takes on ogres, fairy godmothers, dragons, snowball fights, and worst of all, boys!

These six stories are written to be read aloud, one each night, but you’ll be tempted to read them all in one sitting.