Monday, November 6, 2017

The Student and the Slave (Krillonian Chronicles Book 3), by Annie Douglas Lima

I had the privilege of being a beta reader for all three of the Krillonian Chronicles and this one was a great wrap up to the series. Bensin and Steene have traded places. One a free man now owned by a spoiled teenager, and one a former slave now free. But being free isn't all Bensin thought it would be. He's out of work and feels like a burden to those that helped him. The characters are well rounded, with flaws and temptations that make their circumstances even harder. The choices they have to make are not easy, and whatever they choose, someone is bound to get hurt. And yet, even with the tough subject matter, this is once again a fun adventure, appropriate for a middle grade reader, with a very satisfying ending. I highly recommend.

The Student and the Slave (Krillonian Chronicles Book 3) by [Douglass Lima, Annie]

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