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I was kind of a weird kid and I've always had stories in my head that came out through my drawings. My mom was nice enough to save them. For example, I drew this when I was about 4 or 5 and I remember it being about some sort of billboard dating service.

I'm not sure why Pete is crying, but apparently his ad campaign to get a date wasn't working out so well.

 11 or 12 years later and I was still doodling in my spare time...

I drove a 1985 Toyota van in high school and locked it with The Club. But in real life I never fought off bad guys.
That would be cool though :)

I grew up with a large family and being second to youngest I often got assigned the task of helping my little sister fall asleep. Many times I did this by telling her bedtime stories. Sometimes I would look over and she would be asleep just as I was getting to the good part. My book Princess Silly's Bedtime Stories is a pretty good example of the type of stories I told her.

After high school, I went off to Eastern Arizona College. I loved going to school and living on my own. I had some of my best and worst experiences ever. Those two years really shaped me as a person. I met my husband there and we started our life together in Mesa, Arizona while both attending Arizona State University. I often wrote down snippets of book ideas on scraps of paper or receipts as I sat in class or while at work. My whole department smoked, so I took 15 minute breaks when they did, using the time to jot down notes. The idea for The Truth About Running came to me at work one day, and I wrote down as much of it as I could on the back of an envelope during my lunch break. I have since revised this (the title used to be What Not to Say When You're Running Away) and I love the updates to the story and my beautiful new cover.

Bethany's New Reality came out May 3rd, 2016 and is about a 29-year-old radio marketer that’s headed to California to compete on a new reality TV dating show called Real Love.

The funny thing is, I really rarely watch TV anymore. Writing and reading replaced that. But back in the day, I did love me some reality TV. The Bachelor is king, but there have been some really awkward, really weird one-season dating shows and I thought it might be fun to write about one of those. Anyone remember Married by America? Secret Princes? Joe Millionaire?

I wanted to be in the head of one of these poor contestants. But I also wanted her to find love along the way. My favorite types of books are funny and quirky, but with a happy ending.

As far as my non-writing hobbies? I love to read and do family history. There is a very cool site called fultonhistory.com and this guy has searchable archives of all the New York and surrounding area newspapers. It's an amazing resource for family history or any kind of historical research.

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