Saturday, November 9, 2013

Recalculating Route, by Beth Carpenter Route is the love story of Marsha, a widow, and Ben, a rich several-times divorcee. They start out as travel companions with an agreement of no 'funny business', yet both start to wonder if things could work out when the vacation is over. The romance felt natural and believable. As a reader I felt protective of Marsha and suspicious of Ben as the story unfolded. Ben has to earn the trust of both the characters and the reader, which makes the reader feel more invested. At 430 pages, it was a bit overlong, but it wasn't repetitious or boring. Ben and Marsha have a lifetime of knowledge and experience and it comes through in the book through little anecdotes about cooking, travel, horseback riding, gardening, ranching, parenting, quilting etc. 2.99 for Kindle. There is a free prequel introducing the characters called, Detour on Route 66.

This is not the usual book I read, as the main characters are 59 and 60, but I enjoyed it. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

The book is fairly clean, with characters wanting to have sex, but deciding to wait, and a few short conversations between married couples as you would expect would occur.

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