Thursday, June 6, 2013

Open Minds / Mindspeak

I really shouldn't have read these at the same time. I tend to be forgetful anyway, and reading two books with similar plots and similar covers is just asking for trouble. In Open Minds, by Susan Kaye Quinn, Kira is a high school girl who has to hide her extraordinary ability to influence other people's thoughts. In Mindspeak, by Heather Sunseri, Lexi is a high school girl who has to hide her extraordinary ability to influence other people's thoughts. I liked Open Minds better. It's part of a series, and if I stumbled upon the next one I would probably read it. In Open Minds, everyone can read thoughts to some extent. Lexi is dangerous because she can make people do things and think it came from their own head. The author is good at exploring both sides of the issue. Kira's ability is dangerous to society, but as she meets others like her she realizes people can have various shades of good or bad intentions. Mindspeak was all about cloning and genetic manipulation, but somehow failed to make the subject very interesting. They both have an element of romance, but I felt like in Mindspeak I was being hit over the head with it, while Open Minds had a love triangle of sorts that held everything together.

Mindspeak is $2.99

Open Minds is normally $2.99, but is free right now on Amazon. Check it out.

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