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Bethany's New Reality

What should you do when you're chosen for a reality TV dating show?

Go of course!

Bethany Parks thinks she's prepared for aggressive cameras and competitive flirting, but she doesn't expect the show to make things awkward and embarrassing on purpose. The provided wardrobe is a collection of the worst fashion trends of all time, and even more disturbing, they've brought on everyone's exes, including Todd, her most recent dating mistake. He's the last person in the world she wants to mingle with while sporting 'mom' jeans.

Her new friend Tyson begs her to stick it out, and Bethany can't keep her eyes off the gorgeous and mysterious Carter. If his ex would stop hanging all over him she might have a chance. But does she want it? Bethany knows she'll have to protect her heart and watch her back, because on a show like this, the worst thing might actually be falling in love.

The Truth About Running

After an embarrassing and very public marriage proposal, Sara Jensen is more than ready to return to the safety of her tiny community college and her quirky, but caring, roommates. Dating can wait a while. Maybe forever. Even a handsome new neighbor won’t make her change her mind. Especially when she finds out he’s the brother of the guy she just humiliated in front of thousands of people.

Matt Constanello is used to running into his brother’s ex-girlfriends. After all, he has so many. But why does Sara Jensen have to be one of them? Matt knows he should stay away, but that’s hard to do when she lives right across the street.

This is a revised version, previously published as What Not To Say When You're Running Away.

A Zombie Love Story

Scarlett Eighty-One is The Foundation’s perfect citizen and she’d never think of breaking a rule. She’s too smart for that. But everything changes when the hunky guy in her Geometry class turns his sunken, lifeless, and downright dreamy eyes on her.

Though she’s never believed in monsters before, she can't deny that strange things are happening all around her. Scarlett will need all her brain power to find out the truth, even if it means fighting off clingy werewolves, skeevy vampires, and dancing robots in the process.

The perfect world she's always known is crumbling around her. Swayed by the love of a zombie, but compelled by the government to hide, where will her loyalty lie?

Princess Silly's Bedtime Stories

“Did you put me up here?” Silly asked.
“Yes, child, of course. I’m one of your fairy godmothers, Disaster Management Division. I must say, you are usually much more responsible than this. Not that your cousin Harry doesn’t make up for it in spades. Why just last month he snuck a baby dragon into the castle and lit his bedroom curtains on fire. Long story.” She chuckled to herself, lost in the memory.

Don't give up on reading bedtime stories just yet. Princess Silly's Bedtime Stories are for all ages and anyone who love princesses, light romance, and plenty of silliness. Join Silly as she takes on ogres, fairy godmothers, dragons, snowball fights, and worst of all, boys!

These six stories are written to be read aloud, one each night, but you’ll be tempted to read them all in one sitting.

Baby Names: The Way They Should Be Organized!

The first thing you’ll notice about this book is the way it is organized. My book is not alphabetical by first letter. This made it harder for me to put together, but I do believe it will be much easier for expecting parents to read through. The names are alphabetized by their ending sounds. For example, the boy names Casey and Pacey are next to each other. There are over 3,000 names here, but my lists are not padded with alternate spellings of the same name, i.e.: Rachel and Rachael. If it doesn’t affect pronunciation, I’ve only listed a name once. Some people like traditional spellings, some like names spelled phonetically, and some like to really mix it up. I will leave that up to you.

By clustering names with the same ending, you’ll get a better feel for a name you’re considering. Look at Dana, Danna, Deanna, Deena, Dena, Diana, and Dinah. One letter change can make a big difference. Do you like a traditional name, but would like a funky variation on it? It’s easily done using this book. I’ve tried to compile a good mix of elegant, minimal, traditional, modern, cultural and biblical options you won’t be embarrassed to try out on your spouse.

I hope you love this book as much as I've loved creating it. What's in a name? A whole lot!