Works in Progress - Sneak Peeks

My novel, Gorgeous and the Geek, releases in August 2019. Here's a little sneak peek!

“Me? And you?”
Of course there was a secret reason she’d dragged me into this. I just never imagined a scenario where she’d want me as a boyfriend, even a fake one. I wasn’t sure what to feel.
She nodded, staring at the table top where a hundred faded business cards were entombed in heavy glass.
“And you couldn’t have told me that before I signed on?”
The waitress came with our food, saving Willa from having to answer right away. She ordered an orange juice to go with her pancakes and avoided looking at me. I could see her embarrassment mingled with uncomfortable shame, but I wouldn’t feel sorry for her. I’d trusted her, and my gut had let me down. Willa had an angle to play, just like everyone else in this business.
She frowned. “I was afraid you wouldn’t do it.”
“Wouldn’t date you?” I couldn’t think of a single man who wouldn’t want to date her. I stared down at my food and took a small bite. All I registered was its chewiness, since my taste buds had decided to turn off. “I wouldn’t have minded if you’d just told me. Now I’m always going to be wondering what else you’re keeping from me.”
 “I’m not keeping anything else from you. I swear.”

I still wanted to trust her, and that irritated me more than anything. I wasn’t taking her promise as gospel, but I needed to think this through before I let my hurt feelings decide for me. I’d thought of us as friends. I’d thought she’d wanted me along as a friend. Right now I felt like a pawn, someone she was comfortable manipulating.

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