Baby Names

The Social Security Department updates their yearly stats in May.

For 2015, the top 10 most popular boys and girls names were the following:

1 Noah             Emma
2 Liam             Olivia
3 Mason           Sophia
4 Jacob             Ava
5 William         Isabella
6 Ethan            Mia
7 James            Abigail
8 Alexander Emily
9 Michael         Charlotte
10 Benjamin Harper

And here is my top ten list of names that were given to less than ten babies in 2015, but I think should get some notice. (Because my opinion matters, LOL!)

Calden           Alifair
Calix              Alandria
Crash             Calamity
Dalston          Cymbeline
Dell               Jovia
Hamlin          Melwyn
Ingram           Poplar
Knighton       Prynn
Matson          Thessaly
Parley            Verbena

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